We are surrounded by food. In TV, at the cinema, on-line, on Instagram, on Facebook, in the books. Food-stories, Food-Photographers, Food-Bloggers, Food-Porn, Foodies, Food-trucks, Food-Magazines, Street-Food, Food, Food, Food.  

However….even though we are surrounded by all these foods and ways to cook food, in our memories we will always reserve a special place for the cooking style of our home. Whomever was the cook in our house, the mam, the dad, the granpa or the grandma,  eating together is a strong shared memory that shape our taste and our culture.

We like to cook as our mothers at home have taught us, with simple and local ingredients, and slow cooking. We like to present dishes of our tradition, made by products from our Volcano, like porcini mushroom, asparagus, chestnut, olive and honey, to products from the sea, like sea foods and fresh fishes.